Diana Radar: Sex Sells

After some lineup reshuffling, and having cut their teeth on local gigs and building their well-received early material, Melbourne's Diana Radar return more devoted and zealous than ever, showing their lively spirit through a fantastic new single and accompanying video.

Comprised of elements of garage rock, proto-punk and post-punk, Diana Radar's fervent character pairs the spunk of The Stooges' unpolished, knockout sound, with the raw energy of Radio Birdman and the murkiness of The Birthday Party in a totally coherent way, well tied together and executed with dexterity and poignancy.

Sex Sells looks and sounds like the perfect means for Diana Radar to breakthrough to a larger audience or at least reach the genre's enthusiasts to a much greater effect than before. It is loud, intense and it demonstrates the band's engagement, their sentimentality and focused ferocity, while sounding familiar.

The music video was directed by Jay Hynes and shot at the band's share house where they committed to live together for a year and construct their new material. It is a way for the band to provide us with great insight to the location of their creative process, and it also looks as artistic and great as the music sounds.

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