Vowws: Structure Of Love

After Esseff and Forget Your Finery, a new single off the upcoming album by Australian dark pop duo, Vowws, has surfaced. Under The World is expected to hit the selves March 2nd 2018 on the band's own label, Anti-Language Records.

"We nerd the fuck out on this one…" Vowws reveal about their latest single, Structure of Love. "It was the most difficult one to get right cause it has so many twists and turns - a lot of influences we were pulling from. It sort of ended up sounding like a jazzy, sci fi western video game. Or like the theme of an ambitious low budget movie called The return of Space cowboy 3. It was worth following through, it came out with a kind of twisted beauty that we wouldn't have gotten if we'd tried to simplify it."

For their forthcoming full length Vowws refer to such disparate influences as classic western, electronica, surf rock, metal, and film music, and successfully attempt to achieve something on a grander scale while holding fast to their dark pop base. Bringing their bold ideas to fruition in a consistent and effective manner, Vowws' eccentric character is all the way exhibited through this impressive, recent trilogy of singles, which makes the entirety of Under The World greatly anticipated.

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