Club 8: Fire

Golden Island is going to be the tenth studio album by Swedish electronica pioneers, Club 8, who started back in the much productive year that was 1995, and who modestly in due course became one of the finest of their kind.

The anticipated new record is expected to be the most diverse in the duo's strong career, making good use of odd instruments, field recordings and sampled voices, while dwelling on the quieter and more atmospheric side of their sound.

"They day we start caring about how our music will be received is the day inspiration fails us. We're in constant progress," the band's own Johan AngergÄrd describes and he makes perfect sense, especially when you take into account the couple of samples which have surfaced from the new album this far. Fire, Club 8's latest single, is a faithful representation of the deftly produced and profoundly sentimental indietronica that the duo keeps novelizing so many years after their inception.

Golden Island comes out January 26th, 2018 via the trustworthy Labrador Records.

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