Vowws: Esseff

Australian darkwave up and comers, Vowws, unveil an excellent new single and video for their mystifying new song, Esseff. It is the second piece we get to hear from the duo's upcoming full length, Under The World, coming out March 2018 on Anti-Language Records.

The band detail their new piece of work with a well put description: "Esseff is like James Bond spy music updated for the modern world. We wanted to create a sound that felt like you were being chased by something scary, but enticing... like a tornado, or drugs. We embrace menacing intent in our music, but that's not everything - even the bleakest shit has light in it... so we turn up the contrast and make both sides of the coin shine."

Brooding, short and sweet, Esseff is a magnificent representation of Vowws' abilities to expand on a slightly different, more accessible sound and style of songwriting, which does not step very far away from their dark, post-punk and industrial foundations.

Photo by Jesse Draxler

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