Blaire: Youth

There's a fresh breath of air in the world of shoegaze, as notable new bands keep rising, taking the genre forward and contributing in its constant evolution.

Such a band is up and comers, Blaire, a young band from Gold Coast, Australia, which emerges with a series of wonderful single releases. Blaire began as a solo project but eventually evolved into a trio. While their sound is founded on shoegazing explosiveness and comes enriched with elements from punk and post-punk, the term "punkgaze" the band uses to describe its own sound feels nothing but fitting.

Youth is Blaire's newest single, and the band's lead guitarist and vocalist, Ben Stagg, states about it: "The song came about very organically—we've never aimed to write anything in particular. 'Youth' is about natural repetition—sometimes certain feelings or emotions can feel like Groundhog Day (or year) especially in your youth. This is the sonic translation of that idea."

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