Binary Coda: Power Flux

The same two people behind the drum and bass force of Seifer & Surgical, this time draw inspiration from tasteful, highly stylized eighties aesthetics. video game sounds and the dynamism of the ever-growing synthwave scene. As Binary Coda the duo comprised of Mark Baines and Alexander Judge have just released their new EP, Power Flux, on Escape Everything.

Binary Coda seem comfortable and right at home with retro futurism. On their new EP the duo appears as efficient with synthwave as their other act was with drum and bass, and they emerge confident enough to experiment with the more ambient and cinematic aspect of their sharply produced, instrumental electronica, resulting into an exciting and unpredictable sound.

The duo follows its intriguing debut album, One Point Zero, with an equally charming EP which places them among those few fresh acts that fans of this scene need to keep an eye on.

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