Arteries: Prisoners

Through their chaotic energy, piercing production and all-embracing eccentric spark, Australia's Arteries emerge with their debut album as one of the most spirited and promising fresh acts in contemporary extreme metal.

Arteries follow their self-titled EP from 2013 with This Will Destroy Us, their forceful and striking debut full length. From the grabbing artwork of the amazing illustrator Jeremy Sorrell to the sharp recording and mastering, and its fully realized, intricate compositions, the band's first album stands bold and confident, grabbing ahold of its influences and rendering them into something venturous and well strung together.

Prisoners is Arteries' newest single, and it drops with a music video directed by Adam Theobald.

"Due to the bleakness, discord and personal accounts of this song, we hold Prisoners close to us which portray's struggles with addiction and distorted realities for many people in the world today," the band told us.

For an edgy and fascinating crossing of influences from post-hardcore, post-metal, ambiance and experimentation, Arteries provide a solid extreme listening experience and they will not let you down.

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