Kraków Loves Adana: American Boy

Only a few months after their notable and acclaimed third album, Call Yourself New, Robert Heitmann and Deniz Cicek, better known as Hamburg duo Kraków Loves Adana, return with a new single.

"I was definitely angry when I wrote American Boy," explains Deniz Cicek who wrote, recorded and produced the track herself. "I was angry with the world, I was angry with myself, I was angry about feeling powerless. I felt like I had no power to right a wrecked system. All this anger turned out to be a strong tool when you dare to act upon it and not on it. It resulted in a creative output, it resulted in American Boy."

American Boy is a tuneful song, and one of the most straightforward pop-oriented pieces the duo has produced so far. The enticement in Deniz's signature disconnected vocal delivery is still present, alongside the band's distinctive synths, and all around great ear for quality production. The song's straightforwardness is accompanied by an equally simple and winsome video which pictures Deniz strolling and dancing past the train tracks.

American Boy is part of Kraków Loves Adana's next album, Songs After The Blue which will be out April 6th, 2018 via Better Call Rob and Rough Trade.

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