Catastrophe & Cure: On The Internet

Austrian six-piece, Catastrophe & Cure, have two albums, two EPs (the latest of which is this year's Blank Spots) and a plenteous series of singles behind them already. Still, they emerge out of their hometown of Steyr determined, promising and certainly deserving more appreciation.

Their new single, On The Internet, is a little indie pop charm with a notable worn out vintage feel which contradicts the contemporaneity of its theme, and a delightful dreampop texture that the band carries with passion and competence. At first it may come out as an innocent love song, but once you listen closely, it will sneak up on you as something much more twisted, since the track deals with darker and heavier subjects. As the band confirm, the song is about  "an one sided obsession from afar and the seeming but still fictional closeness the Internet suggests."

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