Get Your Gun: You're Nothing

Three whole years after their acclaimed debut, The Worrying Kind, Denmark's Get Your Gun return with a new album, intriguingly titled Doubt Is My Rope Back To You.

This intrigue does not stop with the sharp album and song titles though. Lead single, You're Nothing, emerges like a suave, intricate mixture of dark indie rock and electronica, and while it's impossible not to bring to mind the dark charm of Nick Cave, and the brilliant latest period of the legendary Swans, on the way the track arises uniquely immersive, sinister, threatening and imposing, it grabs the listener's full attention, and every other thought becomes a mere distraction.

Wonderful, poetic lyricism, edgy flirtations with dark Americana, the blues, darkwave and experimental electronica, are the foundations for the sound of Get Your Gun, which broadens into a dark blend of contemplative notions and moods which compliment and complete each other.

If the music itself was not mesmerizing enough, the song comes with an equally impressive video, directed and edited by Dukkefar and the band's own Andreas Westmark.

The band is currently finishing their tour in support of their sophomore album. Doubt Is My Rope Back To You is out now on Empty Tape on CD, gatefold vinyl and digital download.


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