Seattle Fix: Where I'd Rather Be

Meet Australian dreampop/shoegazing duo, Seattle Fix who released their new EP, Teddy Bear in September.

The band, comprised of Olivia Puchalski (guitar/voice/synth) and Luke Burns (drums), has been active since 2012, put out their aptly titled First EP in 2016 and have recently revealed their debut music video for Where I’d Rather Be, one of the highlights on their latest release.

Where I’d Rather Be is a solid pop song with a wistful and cathartic dreampop tone which showcases the duo's great ear for writing and production, as well as their firm delivery. A little different, faster and more forceful than the rest of the songs on Teddy Bear which emerge tinted with a more atmospheric shade, Where I’d Rather Be appears like a firm choice for a breakout single.

According to Olivia, the song is "...about escape, about wanting to get away to a better, happier place where you can be yourself," and continues: "I always see it as the perfect song for driving through the sunshine, through beautiful sunny landscapes..."

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