Destroy//Transmit. 006: Currents

Music from new and recent releases.

01 Everything, All The Time by Ulrika Spacek
02 My Blood Carries My Dreams Away by Permahorn
03 Who Killed Six by Sextile
04 Rose Blind by Gold Class
05 Star Roving by Slowdive
06 Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex
07 Weather Diaries by Ride
08 Dover Sphinx (I Bet I'm Alright) by LLOLLYANNA
09 Asking by Psylhouette
10 Seventeen by Sleepy Kitty
11 Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody) by Turnover
12 In Between by Surf Rock Is Dead
13 Cover From The Sun by Destroyer
14 Feels Like by Swine Tax
15 Falling For An Atom Bomb by Grave Pleasures
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