Silver Liz: Hazy Daisy

Hazy Daisy is the new and last single Silver Liz will be dropping before the release of their debut album, I Can Feel The Weight, which is due on October 31st. Although so far everything that has preceded the album has been enticing only positive thoughts and excitement about the hopeful band, and it would only be natural to expect something similarly consistent, on Hazy Daisy SIlver Liz sound like they have just outdone themselves and took the fuzz a step further.

Noisier than ever, the new song is driven by enormous, fuzzed out and wildly warped guitars, as well as Carrie Wagner's airy vocals, in a way sounding closer than ever to My Bloody Valentine's distorted sound. Not completely surprising given the band's shoegaze base, still, a delight to hear it executed so artfully. With this one Silver Liz appear to be knowingly and willingly shooting for a muddier and hazier feel, and while the result comes out so ample that it obfuscates its own euphony, it is mostly that same act of twisting and distortion that makes this whole thing so alluring in the first place.

Different than their still shoegaze textured but more mellow previous single, Him, and the dreamlike charm of the other samples of their work they have given us thus far, Silver Liz have been making sure they cover a lot of ground within the genre's edges. Without question this upcoming full length of theirs is expected to echo their versatile nature to a great extent.

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