Coutoux: The Sacred Burial

It may be that his last endeavors flirted dangerously with black metal, always through a more contemporary approach, however, this time around, although the darkness and those fitting extreme metal elements are still present, Coutoux with his new single, The Sacred Burial, appears to be leaning once again towards a more industrial-meets-darkwave sound and posture.

The Sacred Burial is part of the upcoming full length, A Hell On Earth, with which the French-born, Illinois-based musician attempts a return to his harsher electronics roots. The grit and the severity of his recent black metal-infused works are most certainly there, and they seem to have been expanded into rich digital sonic environments that are even heavier, and filled with terrifying piercing cries and irresistible grooves.

A Hell On Earth is scheduled for release on October 13th 2017 via Kill All Music, and it will most likely appeal to fans of extreme metal, harsh electronica and everything else extreme.

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