Cave Suns: Canned Howl

Cave Suns do not hold back on showcasing the tasteful origins they draw influence from. On one hand there's the blues, the more traditional angle of it which stubbornly lives on through the ages and refuses to fade away. On the other hand there's the stoner rock massiveness of Kyuss and Sleep. In the middle there's the psychedelic garage element with the mid to late sixties tint from bands such as MC5, Captain Beefheart, The Groundhogs, Country Joe And The Fish, The Electric Prunes and tons of others.

This Cave Suns gang is a Newcastle Upon Tyne trio which borrows from all the aforementioned to create their own heavy rock fusion, an absorptive mixture of stoner rock, the blues and psychedelia. The band has already excelled playing alongside some of the genre's most distinguished acts, like Dead Meadow, White Hills, Hawklords and Corky Laing, while their roster includes musicians who have all previously earned experience in other bands; namely Kit Endean - formerly of The Sound Ex, Mike Hill - formerly of The Candy Vortex and Ewan McLaughlin - formerly of Monkey King.

Apart from the obvious reference to the great Canned Heat, the band's debut EP, Canned Howl has a whole lot to give, especially to fans of heavy rock, blues rock and cosmic music. It is comprised of two tracks, coming in at an abundant total of 17 minutes, without a single dull moment.

The band's near future promises more. Meanwhile, blast this out loud...

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