Tennis: No Exit

It has not been very long since Tennis put out their fourth studio album Yours Conditionally. Husband and wife team of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore keeps up with its charming rendition of seventies pop sounds and aesthetics and deliver a brand new single, No Exit, a charming, easy on the ears song but with its existential worries turned on to the max.

The duo's own Alaina Moore explains: "I have never related to songs that invoke a carefree, forever young, dance until dawn state of mind. The young-beautiful-fun mantra mostly just reminds me of the opposite. Escapism feels shot through with sadness, even on the dance floor. Patrick and I are almost devoutly mid-tempo songwriters, a fact I wanted to remedy by creating a dancey 120 beats per minute sort of thing that appeals to my persistent sense of malaise. No Exit is a song I hope you can enjoy regardless of your appetite for fun."

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