Surf Rock is Dead: As If

This jangly dreampop duo from Brooklyn, Surf Rock Is Dead, the very same who has seen its Spotify popularity rising through the roof with its latest singles and has earned a huge chunk of critical acclaim, multiple HypeM chart entries and favorable reviews left and right, are about to break out with a new full length album titled We Have No Friends? which will be released September 22nd on The Native Sound.

Merging dreampop and shoegaze as anyone would have expected from this band, and like those two styles naturally go together, As If, the first sample off the upcoming record is an exemplary, colorful and lively piece, warm and perfect for this time of the year. The track in all its jangly guitar pop straightforwardness paves the way for the upcoming LP which - taking into account what SRID has offered so far - is not expected to be any less exciting.

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