Eyre Llew: Havoc

Nottingham's Eyre Llew have released nine singles since their inception in 2014, and they are about to burst forth with a new album, the self-recorded twelve track debut, Atelo, which releases on October 19th.

Profoundly sentimental, Havoc is the first single and video off the upcoming record, a seven minute powerful piece accompanied by equally strong, cinematic visuals directed by Raj Pathak.

Eyre Llew's rich and ethereal sound is established on a firm post rock foundation and enhanced with complementary ambience and lyricism, while it indicates influence from- and proclivity towards more traditional forms such as progressive rock and pop music.

The album's title, Atelo, is short for "atelophobia", in other words it means the fear of imperfection, something the band suffered from during the merits and demerits of the album's creative process, yet, as it becomes plain for everyone to see and hear through the players below, this type of fear shouldn't be anywhere near this fine band's radar.


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