Lazy Legs: Bed Head

While preparing for their upcoming album, Crawler, more details about which are yet to be revealed, Chicago-based (soon to move to Portland) shoegazing band, Lazy Legs, have shared their brand new track, Bed Head, a foggy and hypnotic piece with plenty of reverb and an easily relatable theme.

The band's own, Michael Tenzer, calls the new song "a drowsy, fuzz-fog dose of slackergaze with maximally bent guitar lines, tumbling drums and washed out vocals melodies," and adds: "Tackling themes of depression, the song muses over reasons to leave your bed, especially when it's the only place you can find any sense of relief."

Following their debut album, Visiondeath, from 2016 and the EP, Chain Of Pink which was released early 2017, the new song finds Lazy Legs operating as a duo, with Laura Wagner on bass and vocals, and Michael Tenzer on guitars and drums.

Listen below...

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