Low Life: Die Now!

Lancaster, PA's Low Life are not to be confused with neither the Scottish post-punk band Lowlife nor the Australian punk band of the same name nor any of the handful of acts that have used the moniker in various forms over the years.

This Low Life is a hardcore band which combines heavy doses of thrash metal, doom, stoner rock and noise and looks up to bands like The Exploited, Discharge, Sore Throat and Black Flag.

In their own words, Low Life "was formed as a reaction against current uninteresting trends in the local underground music scene. The music is designed to polarize the listener into loving or hating, thus doing away with indifference and mediocrity."

Their album, Die Now!, is comprised of thirteen brief, fast and slow burners that do not require any technical skills, tact nor polish of any kind to ignite excitement. What gets you completely taken by this is just the organic, straightforward energy and the instinctive power of a group of individual musicians which in plain terms does not fit in the establishment, and it's here to take its individuality and scream it in your face.

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