Street Sects: Blacken The Other Eye

Austin's Street Sects destroyed some of us last year with the excellent poetic and sonic assault that was their debut album, End Position. Now their upcoming EP, Rat Jacket, maybe following that record but the duo is considering their new release "an intentional detour from their previous output" instead of a straight follow up. As graphically as they put it, "if End Position was a bullet to the head, then Rat Jacket is a knife in the back."

The duo comprised by Leo Ashline and Shaun Ringsmuth proves once more that their collaboration is much more than just an emulation of the groundbreaking early industrial sound, and with each release we get a deeper and clearer view of their unique vision and ingenuity.

Blacken The Other Eye is the opening track off the upcoming four-song EP which will be out October 6th via The Flenser.


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