Holy Hum: White Buzz

Vancouver-based artist Andrew Lee is Holy Hum, whom a small but very eclectic audience must have already noticed through his 7-inch single Appendix A+B which came out in 2015 on Kingfisher Bluez, and its follow up, the hour-long Appendix C.

Holy Hum will be releasing his debut full length later this year. White Buzz, the first track we get to sample off it, was also the first track he wrote for it, after spending a month by his father's side in the hospital, "blinded by the intense white light of fluorescents and the constant buzz of life support machines." It is a 12-minute deeply esoteric piece, themed around loss and sacrifice, and it is worth every second of the attention.

White Buzz features the backing vocals of Allyson Foster, a frequent collaborator of Mount Eerie's whom Lee obviously holds in high esteem.


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