Boris: Memento Mori

The 23rd studio album by Japanese devils Boris is upon us, 25 years into their career which reeks of heaviness, experimentation and unending creativity on multiple fronts. Boris have been notorious all these years for bending genres and aesthetics, and for their unique ability to meddle with styles and piece by piece create a legacy that is all theirs.

Dear was initially written as a farewell album, a sincere documentation of the band addressing their fans, and its sessions fathered material worthy of three albums. In the end it was abbreviated to a solid 10 tracks, with the band in a completely revitalized state, and with the album existing as a letter from Boris to their worldwide fanbase.

Memento Mori is the second single off Dear. It's an unbearably heavy doom song which confirms the band's statement about their upcoming work, calling it "heavenly—far beyond heavy."


Dear will be released July 14th on Sargent House.

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