HAND: Debut

Berlin based musician Sascha Bachmann began working in music as a professional drummer, playing for different artists, something that he gave up to pursue his own original ideas and creative vision.

As his solo project, HAND, Bachmann recorded an ambient-techno album this year, using tape loops, electronic beats and visuals, as well as more bold and offbeat components, like his own heartbeat.

"This is definitely an important project for me, not only because everything concerning music, video and artwork comes from my heart," the artist states, and adds, "I even recorded my own heartbeat, cause it fits with the ambient sounds I am creating."

Through tape loops and electronic beats, HAND's debut which bares the literal title, Debut, emerges with strength and firmness from its very beginning, and carries its potency over each slowly constructing layer, each industrial buzz, each soul absorbing techno whisper, each throbbing heartbeat until the album concludes as a riveting experience for both new and returning listeners.

As personal as it appears to be for the artist, Debut can also become an intimate and warmly familiar venture for anyone who is willing to soak themselves into the album's serenity. Regarding its technical aspects the album is well made and competent, but beyond that, it is its soul and spirit, its honesty and openness what make the whole concept worthy of the thorough engagement.

Listen below...

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