Xinobi: Skateboards

Lisbon's Xinobi has recently released his latest album, On The Quiet, a modern record which draws influence from a wide spectrum of electronica, from leftfield house to pop, techno and spoken word. The album in its own way pays tribute to DIY aesthetics with its offbeat layout which includes artwork by Braulio Amado with extensive biographical writings, lyrics and interviews with Igor Cavalera and David Andersson.

The song Skateboards exhibits Xinobi's fascination with the skateboarding culture and its symbiotic relation to music. Years ago the sport led the artist to a serious arm injury, recovering from which included being encouraged to train his fingers by playing the guitar. It's a blissfully ethereal and melancholic song, whose unpredictability is intensified by the seemingly mislaid piano hits and the spoken word narration.

Skateboards features the voice of Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord - the label and so much more) and it is presented as a beautiful, pensive music video directed by Lydia Barbara.

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