Love Talk: Her Name Is Jenny

Danish alternative four-piece, Love Talk, deliver their super grunge-y eruptive new single, Her Name Is Jenny, on 19th May 2017 via Rasta WTF Studio Productions.

Casper Iskov (vocals/guitars), Mathias Risager (vocals/drums), Jens Hyldahl (bass/vocals) and Andreas Frandsen (guitars/vocals) have arrived to prove that there is indeed modesty in new music, and that there is a place for the heavy hitters and grunge-stained influences among the ranks of contemporary rock. Her Name Is Jenny verifies that the service bands like Silverchair, Candlebox and L7 provided in the nineties is still palpable and of importance.

Love Talk's new single goes along with a music video co-directed by Niels Busch and Mads Kristiansen.

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