Strange Cages: Leader Of A Cult

Take heed of this; their new 6-track EP is titled The Cracks and it will be out on June 16th via Vallence Records. Brighton trio, Strange Cages, acquiring their powerful sound through their influences by post-punk, surf rock, krautrock and psychedelia, stand out easily as one of the most prominent fresh rock acts in the UK, and they have just provided us with a sample off their upcoming EP, with their menacing video for the song Leader Of A Cult.

The clip was filmed, directed and edited by Todd McConnochie, and it chronicles the story of an abduction, told through colorful psychedelic visuals and evil imagery that involves spiritless mannequins and sinister animal masks.

Sleazy and raw like garage punk and proto-punk were in the sixties, and sultry like they did it in the eighties, Strange Cages do not pop up as just one more of the many comets that disappear as easily as they appear each year to be the next best thing. This sounds biting, it sounds intense and it sounds genuine too.

Turn it up, watch and listen below...

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