Darknaut: Exile

Drawing influence from new age, synthwave and heavy synths in general, sci-fi film scores, and symphonic orchestrations, San Antonio's Darknaut has releases his debut EP, Exile, comprised of four striking tracks that may stir up memories of much of electronic music's finest examples from Vangelis and Tangerine Dream to Kavinsky, still it manages to sound crisp and unconventional.

In regard to the artist's potentiality, Darknaut's debut showcases plenty of it. The record may be looking back in time for stimulus, but it does so intelligently and throughout its entirety it sounds dense and solid and it conveys enthusiasm together with wit and charm. The EP is not re-inventing anything but its alluring synth-lines and perfectly placed spoken word samples that blend neatly in the well-structured mix comprise a distinct and valid sci-fi atmosphere which sounds all the way like an expedition though space and time.

Opening track, A Kind Of Space, comes with a celestial video that fits the music perfectly and which among other visuals and graphics, includes footage from NASA.

Watch and listen below...


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