CocoRosie feat. ANOHNI: Smoke 'em Out

Just days before the new President-elect gets sworn in, the sisters Cassidy, better known to the indie and freak folk world as CocoRosie, unveiled a new single from an album they've just started working on, a track they felt that couldn't wait.

Smoke 'Em Out is a protest song against the election of Trump, that also coincides with this week's Women's March on Washington and carries a title that seems like a clear reference to George W. Bush's speech about terrorism after the 9/11 events.

Their friend and past collaborator, Anohni, is contributing as a guest on the song.

Bianca and Sierra Cassidy on their statement about the song they said: "Today, we share a new song to inspire the weary-disappointed hearts of so many crest-fallen citizens. We just started working on a new album, but "Smoke ‘em Out" begged to be turned loose on the world now, as a means of participation during these turbulent yet invigorating times. Joined on guest vocals by our fellow Future Feminist ANOHNI, "Smoke ‘em Out" welcomes the new character who will be occupying the White House with a mob of women and children armed with forks and knives. In the wake of this un-natural disaster, we feel a call to rise, shout, and burn the house down. Included is a poem we have written as a kind of channeling which digs deeper into the subtext of the lyrics exploring the unending end of time ambiance and the idea that "the future is female" and a very necessary force to be reckoned with."

Check out the poem below straight out of Bianca's typewriter.

Listen below.

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