Anatolia's Finest & The Null Spectre: Soucouyant

Two of Seattle's finest in dark electronica that span that sunless range between dark ambient and industrial noise, The Null Spectre and Anatolia's Finest have joined forced to put out a collaborative split release inspired by a dark legend of the Caribbean, that of Soucouyant, a fiery witch that streaks across the night sky in search of blood.

The album showcases the score for four harrowing days and nights spent on an island in fear of the Soucouyant as she torments her victims with her nightly hunt.

The two acts take turns scoring the days and the nights, first with The Null Spectre carrying out the first two days while Anatolia's Finest expedite the first two nights, right before they reverse the roles for the record's second half. 

The first half of Soucouyant finds The Null Spectre's dark ambience setting the dreary menacing tone while providing the perfectt assistance for Anatolia's Finest to take over with their more rigid and harsh sound and spread out the nightmarish and alarming part of the fear in the story. This far into the project, the atmospheric ambience comes before the angst and the jitters, as the harsh noise follows the dark ambient drone.

When the tasks get reversed and Anatolia's Finest are the ones who score the days, they do so in such an eerie manner that their sound breaks as something apparitional, inaccessible and otherworldly, like a supernatural entity equal to the one in the tale the album narrates. Their days are colder than The Null Spectre's, more distant and more dismal, because the further we get into the story, the more hostile and unwelcoming the surroundings become. Equivalently The Null Spectre's nights sound slower but even more agonizing than the preceding two, as the awing shock has become pure fear, until the seemingly imperial and serene, still nerve-racking ending that leaves the sense of fear still lingering in the room even after the record is over.

Soucouyant was mastered by Rob Castro, ATB Studios and it is available as a limited edition cassette as well as digital download from the artists' Bandcamp pages, iTunes, Amazon etc.

Listen below...

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