Botanist / Oskoreien: EP3: Green Metal / Deterministic Chaos

EP3: Green Metal / Deterministic Chaos is the split release by two of the most interesting and intelligent one-man-band black metal acts around, San Francisco's Botanist and LA's Oskoreien.

Side-A includes five tracks by Botanist AKA Otrebor, the first new material we're hearing from him since 2015's EP2: Hammer of Botany and in the same vein as his last few releases, the heavy musical soundscapes under his black metal grunts are gripping and absorbing. Since his releases on The Flenser, Botanist's music has been successfully exposed to a slightly wider audience and for all the right reasons he is considered one of the most prominent acts in modern black metal. On Green Metal Botanist once again validates that and raises the hopes and expectation for the future of his fascinating one-man project.

Oskoreien, AKA Jay Valena, is in the black metal business longer than Otrebor, however apart from his early demos he has only released two full lengths, one in 2011 and one just last week which still hasn't gathered the attention it deserves. On his side of the split Oskoreien offers a 13-minute epic, the title track, Deterministic Chaos, paired with a surprising and quite brilliant cover of Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing

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