40 Watt Sun: Wider Than The Sky

The world of metal recently welcomed with open arms the return of Patrick Walker's 40 Watt Sun, a band which five years ago did not leave any fan and critic of the genre unimpressed with The Inside Room. 40 Watt Sun released their sophomore full length, Wider Than The Sky, this last October and as expected it is a very dynamic and emotive album but above all the most surprisingly clean-sounding one in the twenty-year long career of Patrick Walker.

On Wider Than The Sky the band loosens up the largeness and the distortion that we were used to from both Warning and 40 Watt Sun's previous work. It still sounds like 40 Watt Sun and like Patrick Walker, in a way stripped down to the core and more vulnerable than ever.

The shortest song of the six-pack is Marazion, the record's closing track, clocking at a little shy of four minutes, but the second shortest one's length is at 9'40'', and it goes uphill from there, as far as over the 16-minute mark which is how Stages, the opening song lasts, so despite the cleaner sound, this is indeed a pure 40 Watt Sun album and it's available to stream right below...



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