Portishead: SOS

If this feels a bit like deja-vu, that is because we wrote about this very same subject for the first time back in June, but we had to take down the post because we used an unauthorized source to embed the song from, but since it's far too amazing to be missing from our content, we're having it up again, this time through an official outlet.

Portishead's hair-raising rendition of ABBA's classic hit song, SOS, is featured in a very prominent manner in Ben Wheatley's latest movie, High-Rise, an adaptation of the 1975 J.G. Ballard novel of the same name. The track was recorded specifically for the film and not for general release, but at least there's an incredible colorless video to accompany it, depicting Beth Gibbons staying still for most of the song's duration, only to reach toward the camera moments before the ending and unexpectedly spin it all towards politics, with the video going out with a quote from Jo Cox, the Member of Parliament for the Batley and Spen who was brutally killed last June. Cox's murderer was revealed to be associated with far-right organisations and her murder was described as an "act of terror" by the trial judge.

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