Jean-Jacques Perrey RIP

Jean-Jacques Perrey, an innovative pioneer of electronic music who was one of the first artists to combine pop music structures with creative electronics, passed away at the age of 87 after battling lung cancer.

Although his music career began way back in the 1950s, the late sixties and early seventies was the most fruitful era for Jean-Jacques Perrey, when he released some of eletronica's earliest landmarks, like his 1967 collaboration with another musical pioneer and moog specialist, Gershon Kingsley, Kaleidoscopic Vibrations, 1968's The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey and 1970's brilliant Moog Indigo.

Perrey ceased his musical activities from the eighties on, for almost two decades, but returned to action in the late nineties and remained involved in the business until the end. His most recent offering was a collaborative album titled ELA with David Chazam, released in 2015.

Below are only a couple of examples of Perrey's groundbreaking brilliance, followed by a gem of an episode of the TV game show, I've Got  Secret, with host Steve Allen, which aired 50 years ago, on November 21st 1966. On the show Jean-Jacques Perrey follows a series of other musicians and introduces his Ondioline synthesizer which, to everyone's amazement, can mimic other instruments' sounds and produce ones of its own. Do not miss it!

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