Mono: Requiem For Hell

Requiem For Hell is the ninth studio album by Japanese post-rock veterans, Mono. It's the fourth album of theirs on which they collaborate again with their friend, Steve Albini, the first since 2009's Hymn To The Immortal Wind and it's one of their heaviest and most ominous sounding releases yet, centered around the bewildering 18-minute title track and once again themed on the cycle of life and its elements, darkness and light, birth and death. Requiem For Hell also marks the return of strings in the band's sound, which echoes richer and more profound, compared to their more minimalistic sounding last few releases.

An edited 7-minute version of the title song has an accompanying music video, directed by Harri Haataja.

Requiem For Hell was released on October 14th through Temporary Residence in North America, Pelagic Records in Europe, and Magniph/Hostess in Japan and Asia. Mono is currently on a European tour with pg.lost and Alcest.

Listen to Requiem For Hell right below...


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