Halcyon Days: Halcyon Days EP

Halcyon Days is a five-piece metalcore band from Oslo, Norway, heavily inspired by some of the genre's finest acts, such as Architects, Underoath and Counterparts. The band has earned some well-deserved positive recognition by the Norwegian press and radio last year with their debut full-length, .ELEVATE, which they followed last May with the release of a self-titled 4-tack EP.

The Halcyon Days EP is a solid work of excellently produced and performed melodic post-hardcore that at first may not strike as something especially groundbreaking, yet its diligence, its vigorous compositions and its efficient production make this stand out as one of the most enticing releases we've heard within this genre in a while. The effect the afforementioned bands/sources of inspiration have had on Halcyon Days' sound are evident and constantly present throughout the EP's four tracks, still the band manages to project a sufficient amount of originality that obviously springs from the heart and their love for their craft.

Utopia and Echoes are the two opening tracks which actually comprise half of the Halcyon Days EP. The latter is also accompanied by a good looking, mystifying music video, directed by Nathan Cottenham.

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