Psychic Love: Dye Pack

Led by multimedia artist, Laura Peters, Echo Park, LA's Psychic Love are about to release their debut album, The Hive Mind, this November. Psychic Love is a three-piece whose sound is described by Peters herself with the imaginative term "dream grunge" or "as if Nancy Sinatra had a love child with Frank Black."

Peters adds about Dye Pack, the third single off the upcoming full length: "Dye Pack is a song about how even the smallest relationships leave a mark on you, and how the bigger ones can be a huge, confusing, mess." Steered by her melancholic vocals and backed by her bandmates, Max Harrison (guitar) and Liam McCormack (bass), Dye Pack sounds like a nice and neat example of that "dream grunge" term Psychic Love have just invented.

Listen below.

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