Calligram: Bed Of Nails

Taken from their latest EP, Demimonde, London-based metal punk brutes, Calligram, have recently released an accompanying video for their forceful track Bed Of Nails.

Calligram is comprised of an multinational lineup, featuring Italian frontman Matteo Rizzardo, Brazilians Bruno Polotto and Ardo Cotones on guitar and drums, French guitarist Tim Desbos, and as of 2016, English bass player Smittens, who all came together to record and release the new EP via Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

The band's raw energy through their type of vigorous blackened punk-rocking metal evokes thoughts of the d-beat glory found in the music of some of their peers, like Young And In The Way, Full Of Hell, The Secret, Trap Them and so on, bands which have helped shape one of the most powerful scenes in heavy music today and among which Calligram rise, sounding confident.

Take in the aggression which comes plenty in Bed Of Nails, a hard-hitting track that shifts gears between black metal and hardcore punk and rushes the blood to the listener's head for its relentless three-and-a-half minutes.

The video for Bed Of Nails was produced, directed and edited by the band's drummer, Ardo Cotones.

Watch below...

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