Ghostly Kisses: Empty Note

Ghostly Kisses is the electro-pop moniker behind Canadian singer/violinist Margaux Sauvé, who has just released her dreamy new single, Empty Note, off her upcoming 2017 debut EP.

Ghostly Kisses' sweet, nostalgic electro-pop with its rich textures and ethereal atmosphere has gained a well-deserved internet following over the last year and has been a part of the International Festival of Jazz of Montreal and Festival d’Été of Quebec.

Empty Note is a typical example of Ghostly Kisses' wistful, dreamlike sound, which calls attention to its melancholic beats, its blissful guitars and always led by Margaux's delicate, enchanting vocals, which articulate the simplicity of the song's lyrics while they unpretentiously mold the whole production into a deeply poetic work of art, worth the attention of this idiosyncratic genre's devotees and much beyond.

Listen below...

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