Nothing: Curse Of The Sun // Video

Remember the time when rock bands used to be cool? When rock music used to be in the mainstream and appeal to massive audiences all over the world? When indie bands made albums that you could listen to from start to finish, memorize the songs and read about them in music magazines while cursing at the reviewer and their pretentiousness? Remember when you used to hunt for your favorite band's t-shirt in record stores and if you'd find one you'd take it, no matter if it fitted you or not?

Nothing is channeling all those dying or long dead virtues of alternative rock culture in the most honest, natural way, without exaggerations, without snobbery of any kind about how it used to be like for a nineties kid. They have a killer second album out which carries them through probably their best year as a band and which starting tomorrow takes them on a European Tour until mid-October.

If Nothing either existed twenty years ago or the world at present day was a better place, they would have been huge.

Watch their new video for Curse Of The Sun, directed by Jimmy Hubbard and shot while on tour with Citizen and Culture Abuse, right below...

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