VHS Glitch: Moral Decay

Concluding the trilogy of the VHS Glitch saga, Moral Decay, the new album by synthwave sensation VHS Glitch follows the narrative that began with Evil Technology and continued in Land With No Future, this time fighting the old villain, Neotech Corporation, to defend the majority of the population that's lost their minds and can't see the reality behind all evil tech gadgets.

If you'd try to think of a few synthwave acts that could top or match VHS Glitch's instinctive grit and skillfully crafted darkness at this point, you'd have a tough time picking, because there aren't many out there that could do so. A concept album wasn't enough for VHS Glitch, not even two. Instead he had to build a whole saga, a complete vision set in a dystopian future, starring a hero who antagonizes a mega corporation, a classically structured story that he could score and shape on his own, and where you'd expect fatigue to kick in, where you'd think he would stumble, repeat himself and maybe overwork his vision after two albums, VHS Glitch continues to deliver. Moral Decay isn't better than its two predecessors, but it's easily just as great, made out of pungent synths, dynamic guitars that spit out fuzzy riffs and impressive roaring solos, moody beats and a chilling closing narration courtesy of Cody Hargreaves.

If you've followed VHS Glitch so far, you must be probably hurried to dive into Moral Decay head first . If you haven't, you've got some serious catching up to do.

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