Flowers For Agatha: The Freedom Curse // Killed By Deathrock Volume II

The second installment in the Killed By Deathrock series of compilations by Brooklyn's Sacred Bones Records will be released on November 11th.

It's been almost three years since Volume 1 came out, including some incredible, obscure deathrock bands like Your Funeral, Twisted Nerve, Taste Of Decay and more. This time around the roster features a couple slightly better-known, still obscure AF, bands of the genre like Skeletal Family and Red Zebra, but the first track Sacred Bones shared with the world is The Freedom Curse, by UK goths, Flowers For Agatha, released for the first time in 1985 on the band's EP of the same name.

Listen below...

The full tracklist goes like this...

1. Gatecrashers: Spectator
2. Middle Class: A Skeleton at the Feast
3. ADS: Waiting for the War
4. Veda: Whiplash
5. Skeletal Family: Promised Land
6. Flowers for Agatha: The Freedom Curse
7. Red Temple Spirits: Dark Spirits
8. Crank Call Love Affair: What's Wrong Yvette
9. Red Zebra: I Can't Live in a Living Room
10. Vita Noctis: Hade


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