It Only Gets Worse: Angels

Following last year's Christian Country Home, the new album by It Only Gets Worse, Angels, is coming out on October 5th, timely during Halloween season, and it is based on the concept of a father murdering his twin daughters.

Consisting of Matt Finney, whose poetry and spoken word deliverance is arguably at their darkest on this one, and Maurice De Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues), whose musical soundscapes on Angels seem to borrow from such diverse sources of inspiration. like Badalamenti's eerie score for Twin Peaks and the new age peculiarity of Enya might be to one another, It Only Gets Worse have put together another amazing record which reads like a book, a sad, sore, utterly bitter, distressing one, yet of that kind you don't want to put down.

Finney's story, given from the twin sisters' point of view, is compelling in all its morbidly alluring charm, and its chilling narration, expressed concisely and sharply in just three to five lines of poetry on each track, brings to life this bleak drama, accompanied by the dark ambient glory of Maurice De Jong's grim electronic compositions which when they don't exquisitely drown Finney's deviant vocals, they set up the story's surroundings and move the plot forward on their own.

If Matt's and Maurice's offerings, together or individually, haven't grabbed you in their chokehold so far, then Angels might be the one to do so... Connoisseurs of the darkness, you don't want to miss this one.

too cold for dresses but this is how he said he wanted to see us... at our prettiest. i watched you fighting with the ropes and then i looked up at the snow hitting the windows of the van. i think i knew it before you did. we were never getting out of here.

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Pre-order Angels on cassette via Cloister Recordings


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