John Carpenter: Utopian Façade // Video

John Carpenter's mesmerizing new music video for the track Utopian Façade of his second album Lost Themes II has been released and once again co-produced and directed by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst, the creative duo that also did Night from Carpenter's previous record.

The clip borrows heavily from science fiction films of the seventies like THX-1138 and Logan’s Run and in it an android, which - according to the directors - is like something between a robot and a corpse, but not a cyborg, played by model Erika Angel, faces a bunch of zombies and other devilish creature things in a dark and eerie forest.

The incredible result is a great fit in the rest of that nightmarish world that Carpenter has created during a span of almost fifty years. Watch below...

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