Anthrax: Monster At The End // Live On Seth Meyers

It's not very common for acts coming from the extreme metal territory (thrash counts as extreme, right?) to serve as musical guests at the late night talk/comedy shows, which are often designed to appeal to the kind of older/more mature demographic, particularly the ones that start on prime time.

Since Seth Meyers took over Late Night, he and his team have designed a brand new approach for the show to suit his comedic style and skills. After a rough start in 2014, the new Late Night has now finally earned the appreciation it deserves from the critics, and although the ratings haven't gotten higher than Fallon's version of Late Night, they're still pretty high and Meyers does deliver as the host.

Seth now delivers his monologue in a Weekend Update manner - sitting behind his desk; the show's comedy focuses more on politics than his predecessors; it goes on four nights a week - instead of Fallon's 5-day schedule (Conan went on four a week as well); the guests often include more authors, comic creators, artists, comedians, journalists and Broadway stars - instead of A-class celebs and in order to cover more topics, do more comedy and have more guests on to interview, not every show has a musical guest and when it does, those musical guests are usually neither huge pop stars or popular rappers. The show is already linked to a more alternative/indie musical profile anyway, since Fred Armisen is the house band's leader/music director.

All this introduction to take you to Late Night's latest musical guest, Antrax, who went on and rocked the house with an electrifying performance of Monster At The End, a track off their latest album, For All Kings that was released earlier in 2016.

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