Sannhet: Young Death

Prurient's Hospital Productions has released a collection of rare and unreleased material from 2008 to 2013 by New York's Sannhet.

Young Death comes from a time when Sannhet's audience was comprised almost solely of their small diehard fanbase, before Known Flood and way before Deafheaven conquered the modern metal territories with Sunbather. Back then Sannhet seemed to be holding back their metal just a bit, only to dwell mostly on noise experimentation and post rocking climactic outbursts, trying many different styles but always wearing the same dark colours.

For the record the release features the EPs Sannhet and Lion's Eye, together with much unreleased material that is totally worth your time.

As the band moves on to eventually become one of the top class acts in modern heavy music, Young Death stops and takes a look back where Sannhet came from to help you realize that a top class act they have been indeed since the beginning.


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