Russian Circles: Vorel / Mota

The sixth album by Chicago's highly acclaimed post rock trio, Russian Circles, is dropping on August 5th on Sargent House and it is called Guidance.

Those three years since 2013's Memorial mark the band's record for longest absence between albums and judging from the couple of samples provided so far, it seems like it was absolutely worth the wait. Once again Russian Circles balance expertly between calmness and loudness, providing their signature dramatic outbursts, toying with opposite emotions and delivering everything on point, with the help of co-producer Kurt Ballou who proficiently captures the band's complex sentimentality.

The album is comprised of seven single-word titled songs and it already has the signs of being a reliable successor to Russian Circles' exceptional body of work up to this point.

Two distinctive tracks have emerged from the upcoming album, Vorel and most recently Mota. Listen below...


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