Lucy In Disguise: Endless Echoes

California based producer Lucy In Disguise has just released his debut full length album, Endless Echoes, on Inner Works Records on which he brings together many aspects of electronica with a nostalgic look back at the music of the eighties and nineties.

Lucy In Disguise produces music that sounds as inventive as the artist's moniker, bending genres and dragging the listener through a journey of skillfully crafted sythwave, infused with elements of trip-hop, alternative and even ambient tones that melt into each other to result to an intelligent and very ambitious work of art that stands out as superior to your average synthwave releases.

Self-assured and coming on strong, Endless Echoes is the somber, honest alternative to this ever-growing genre that has taken the world of electronica by storm. It deserves attention and repeated listens, as it's certain that after a few of those it will grow on you and leave you wanting more of its genuineness.


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