Maxthor: Another World

Last year synthwave producer, Maxthor, gave us a taste of his upcoming album with the release of his single, Heroes Walk Alone. Now that track, together with eight more new ones are about to drop on his new album, Another World which releases July 21st.

Eighties nostalgic aesthetics are again in full effect, with the lively, futuristic sounds gracefully contradicting the bleakness in the well-crafted lyrics, delivered in Maxthor's own clear, cavalier vocals, altogether comprising one of the best synthwave releases we've heard so far in 2016. Maxthor's music belongs in an austere post-apocalyptic future from the perspective of the past, the frantic eighties to be exact. In that version of the future not everyone has given up; there passion and sentimentality seems to be man's only hope for survival and endurance and the heroes are the last of the romantics.

Listen to the album's opening, self-titled track right below and make sure to check out the LP in its entirety when it's available.

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