Volkor X: This Means War

If you're among those who still don't get how come synthwave appeals to most metalheads, Volkor X's debut full length perhaps will provide you with an answer.

This Means War doesn't stop being threatening at its title. Volkor X introduces himself by declaring that he doesn't come in piece and delivers an album that's leans heavily on the dark provinces of the synthwave world, oozing of sci-fi, celestial alien monsters and supernatural horror. But fear not, the result will not disappoint, as Volkor X makes it obvious from the start that he knows his craft and like he did with his previous EP releases, he is here to deliver.

Whether you're more into the more absorbable classic outrun, like Kavinsky and Lazerhawk, or the darker, heavier stuff like Carpenter Brut and Perturbator, Volkor X won't let you down as he covers most sections of the synthwave spectrum, changing pace and switching gears back and forth, without sounding like he's trying too hard. This Means War flows naturally like the honest, unbiased futuristic nightmare children have, right after they begin to suspect the existence of monsters in the world.

Among the album's highlights (which are plenty) is the closing 13-minute epic title track, which features Sylvain Coudret, the guitarist from Soilwork.

Enter Volkor X's nightmare right below...

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